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Age: 28 years old   Virgo
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if it is not fit.....dont force it.....

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I am yanni mostly known as "ray",and I am 28 years old. I am not afraid to disclose my age. I have no reason to be secretive about it. I have decided to be more honest, to be truer and more authentic to myself, as well as to others. I also have decided to be less apologetic. I do recognize that my ultimate accountability is towards God alone. I can tell you now that I have made very stupid decisions in the PAST. And yes, I do regret some of those decisions. But then again, I also know that regrets don't work. Unless of course those regrets would drive us to change for the better. The past is the past. Whatever happened then remains there. I can never undo what I have already done. But I do believe that God can redeem the past---the lost days, the lost years. This year, I plan to continue to be healed from the wounds of my past as well as to heal the wounds that I have caused others to suffer. Regarding the FUTURE, it is still unclear. My life has always been a series of uncertainties and it continues to be that way still. A nomad, a drifter, a learner, a dreamer, a traveler ----that is yanni. And shall I finally attain success? Shall I finally become the envy of others as well as the pride of my family? I don't really know. As much as I want to, my limitations and weaknesses constrain me to achieve the heights of success, or at least the glory of success as defined by this world. But come to think of it, I know I have been successful already. I've already experienced and learned about love. I have developed meaningful relationships; I have collected priceless memories. Aren't these the essence of life and existence? And now let me talk about the PRESENT. I am still alive, thank God. I am still often troubled and haunted by anxious thoughts and feelings. as far as i remember,when I was younger my dreams and aspirations were simple. I just wanted friends, new bags, new shoes. I guess I still have that wish. I long for loving relationships---with my family, with my existing friends, with new acquaintances, with myself, and most importantly with my God. These individuals define the meaning of my life, my bases of happiness.
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